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A Chartered Accountant and a Law Graduate by qualification, Mr. Navneet Jain has over a decade and a half of experience in finance and real estate field. By virtue of his never-say-die attitude and quest for excellence he was able to infuse in his team members a high order of dynamism and professionalism and thus successfully steered his company involved in creating design concepts for real estate projects , into a position of prominence.

In the course of his work as a finance and legal professional he closely observed the growing mismatch between the required level of skill & competence and the educational foundation of a large majority of job seekers. Innately live and sensitive to  social issues. His concern about lack of quality education grew exponentially due to burgeoning population of ‘unemployed’ educated work force in the country. Spurred by his sense of social responsibility he along with a group of like thinking individuals formed an Education Society committed to spreading single mindedly, high quality globally competitive education amongst school going children. He was instrumental in setting up a progressive school  equipped with a delivery mechanism where ‘experiential learning’ forms  its core.


Mr. Navneet Jain



R. K. Wadhwa

M.A (English/History/PubIic Administration) B. Ed, BJMC.

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with existence”. R. N Tagore

Education today is experiencing unparalleled changes, challenges and unrivalled metamorphosis and the schools are now emerging as hustlers of intellectual growth and powerhouses of life changing innovations. The world still looks to Indian students as the role models with their tolerance, supportive nature and acceptance of differences in abilities and beliefs. Values which take them beyond the narrow definitions of success and achievement.

We acknowledge the tireless efforts of our teachers and are grateful to the parent fraternity for the unflinching and persistent support in our endeavours to keep the spark of lifelong learning in students ignited in us. Rest assured we will continue to scale invigorating heights and nurturing your wards through a state of art in Miniature World called DPS Sirsa with updated international curriculum sensitive to multicultural ethos to ensure their entry into a competitive and globally interconnected world, build their ability to take risks, face challenges, override and accept failures, savour triumphs, turn their dreams into reality and being the architects of their destiny. Their holistic all round development is ensured through school’s multi-layered programming based on the cornerstones of academics, creative arts, sports and Community Outreach Programs.

As the world moves towards an unsafe/unsettled materialism, we continue to provide lessons in kindness, courage and generosity of human race and its ability to rejuvenate. Frequent, focused and need oriented workshops both for teachers and students ensure we are abreast of the latest developments in education.

DPS Sirsa firmly believes in symbiosis among students, school staff and parents and works with consensus, transparency and accountability.

Let us know of your aspirations and help us realise them.  Thanks.

Attin Shankar Rastogi

Attin Shankar Rastogi is an Advocate by profession practising in the Supreme Court and the founding partners of a flourishing New Delhi based law firm  – Intellective Law Offices. With the firm conviction that the foundation of a thriving society lies in the dawn of knowledge by dissemination of education, he has spearheaded and promoted several initiatives to this end. He is actively serving on the governing council body of a prominent Delhi University college. A keen theatre enthusiast and thespian himself, he has played a vital role in promoting theatre in the school curriculum as a means of fostering all round development of personality of the students.


Vice President