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Empowering your Dreams


Enables students to explore things, and adopt a more rational approach towards understanding their surroundings. Students at the club, get a platform to discuss various topics including discoveries, facts, myths, inventions, etc. and carry out scientific experiments along with their peers. This fosters in them, curiosity and inquisitiveness from a young age.


Ensures students respect, appreciate and be mindful of potential threats to the environment they live in today. At the club, they learn to be more thoughtful and kind towards the nature. Set up with a desire to spread awareness about protecting the environment and sensitize students on the same, the club organizes regular activities to promote — save the environment.


Students with special inclination towards mathematics join the Maths Club. The objective of setting up the club is to encourage and enhance students’ understanding of Maths and motivate them to realize how important it is to think critically.

Robotics Club

By joining Robotics Club, students try their hands at building robots. The club is a great medium for students to share their curiosity and enthusiasm with others at the school. With facilities that enable students to experiment and carry out programming, the club with its highly-energized environment, inspires and encourages many to participate in robotics.

Photography Club

Students with inclination towards photography, keep their interest alive by learning how to take a perfect shot and sharing it with other enthusiasts at the Photography Club. Being in the company of like-minded students, makes the entire learning session interesting and exciting. Getting to know the nuances of photography encourages the students to remain more focused and pursue their interest sincerely.

Community Club

Students aspiring to help their community and offer services to the society they live in, join Community Club. Carrying out social services becomes inevitable, as they experience a sense of gratitude towards the society and feel the need to do their bit for its upliftment.

Literary Club

At Literary Club, book-lovers share their experiences with other avid readers and benefit from the fun-filled reading & writing sessions. The school encourages literary activities that develop comprehension skills and analytical thinking in students.