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Rise & Shine Aim for the stars

The curriculum facilitates prompt identification of students’ learning abilities.

The school offers a curriculum that encourages its students to think logically, analyse, be creative in their approach and communicate effectively and efficiently. Progressive and learner-friendly in approach, the curriculum is comprehensive in nature.

Innovative, the curriculum follows Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) guidelines and is well-planned. 

“With an endeavour to make its students global citizens and enable them to appreciate and accept cultures across the world, the school offers multiple foreign languages to them. This exposes them to different linguistic experiences at school.”


Today, technology is not only a privilege, but a necessity for everyone. Considering this, the school offers modern amenities that facilitate interaction between teacher and students. With latest technology, where smart boards are used to effectively communicate concepts and ideas, learning becomes easy and interesting for students.


For primary school-goers, learning marks the beginning of a new phase in life. It is their first step towards self-exploration and understanding sounds is how they relate to a language. By making language games a part of classroom activity, the school ensures students understand the basics of language and a strong foundation is laid.


The school ensures holistic growth of its students with implementation of Montessori educational approach. The method enables students to learn through their own experiences and encourages them to express their emotions freely and confidently. They are motivated to make observations of their surroundings, which eventually helps them to become self-aware and develop a conscious from a young age.